1. Purpose
    Harrogate Self Storage will provide a refund to a customer where a purchase of merchandise is not required, and the goods returned have not been used. Refunds to storage customers can also be completed in store if satisfying several criteria
  2. Commencement of Policy
    This Policy will commence from 1 October 2008. It replaces all other customer refund policies (whether in writing or not)
  3. Application of Policy
    This Policy applies to any boxes and/or packaging purchase made by a customer from Harrogate Self Storage and online purchases via Harrogate Self Storage Site. This policy will apply to any merchandise purchase made within 14 days of the requested refund date.
    This Policy also applies to customers who are vacating their storage unit whilst there is still a credit on the account and the customer is entitled to a refund of unused rent.
  4. Process
    Where a merchandise purchase is made by a person, they will be entitled to return any unused products within 14 days of the purchase date. The customer will be entitled to a full refund of the actual price paid for the returned goods. Care needs to be taken where items have been purchased as part of a pack or any discounts that had been applied to the original purchase.
    This refund will be conditional on the state of the goods; they must be in ‘as new’ condition and have not been used by anyone. The goods must still be in the original packaging where applicable.
    There is no provision for any type of refund for used merchandise products.
    Any rental fees paid months in advance at the time of vacate is to be refunded to the customer.
    The steps involved to process a refund will be relative to the original payment method. Any refund processed must be refunded via the same payment method unless the original payment was made in cash. The actual purchase receipt must be presented together with govt issued photographic id. A refund request form will need to be completed and attached to the refund documents
    The refund limit can be no more than the original purchase amount
    If the original payment is made via a credit/debit card processed through the pos terminal, the refund must also be processed through the same pos terminal and it can only be returned to the original card the purchase was made with. Under no circumstances is a refund to be processed to a different card or account than the original purchase card/account. The customers residential address and phone number must be recorded with the refund documentation. The original card that made the purchase must be presented and used to process the refund.
    If the original payment is made in cash/cheque, the refund will need to be processed via Head Office with a direct deposit into the customer’s bank account. The staff member will need to obtain the bank account details of the customer and send to Head Office with a description of why/what was refunded. In the case of a cheque payment, the refund needs to be processed back to that cheque account. In the case of a cash payment, the refund will be sent to the bank account provided by the customer.